Sunday, February 17, 2019



…a plunge into the heart of darkness...

Stripping away years of deception doesn’t come easily—especially to Loren and Eve Montcrest who believe they’re following the true path as initiates in Seattle’s Arcane Institute, their society’s elite training order in 2050.

Pursuing spiritual power, they are caught up in a fiery, fast-paced succession of intrigues and dangerous adventure that rocks their love for each other and finally even their sanity.

Only a shocking, last-minute intervention can strip away the veil of deception, rescue them from destruction, and reveal the truth--but will they give up everything for it?

“Wow! An amazing book! Out of their own fiery experiences, the authors have emerged with a deep understanding of the battlefield that is fast growing fiercer in our postmodern times. A riveting story of two souls caught in a web of deception they can never hope to escape on their own.” 
—Berit Kjos, Author, How to Protect Your Child from the New Age and Spiritual Deception (Lighthouse Trails Publishing), and other works.

"Richard and Linda, this is dynamite stuff! Your story is a real 'page turner.' I can't commend you enough! Your writing was excellent; your powers of description were amazing; the characters were believable; the action was fast and creative; the plot was unpredictable; and you made your points concerning Christianity very well without preaching.”
—Dean Halverson, Author, Crystal Clear: Understanding and Reaching New Agers (NavPress); Editor, The Compact Guide to World Religions (Bethany House).

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