Thursday, September 30, 2010

What would it take to get you to go to church?

We got this response from a friend in southern California who is weary of looking for a church.

Stop with the ridiculous gimmickery, first and foremost. It only makes our faith appear superficial, trite, and totally lacking in life-transforming power.

Pastor, be a man of prayer! Elevate the Holy Scriptures once again and PREACH from them! Give it to us straight, challenge us to follow Christ without reserve, make it hard for us to NOT be convicted every time we come through those doors. Be kindly toward those of us who are struggling, but cause the blatant hypocrites, the lukewarm, and the unbelieving to squirm until they either leave and make room for the serious-minded disciples, or until they break and repent under the Holy Spirit's heavy hand of conviction. Stop caring if the Word of God offends people, and stop acting as if God needs you to apologize for His more "unflattering" attributes.

I don't care what the pastor looks like. I couldn't care less if he is considered hip or or if he's a total geek. I don't care if he's old or young, whether he wears a Hawaiian shirt or a suit and tie. As long as he understands the nature of his high calling, which is first and foremost to FEED THE SHEEP, not entertain the goats, as the saying goes. I'm not against humor in the right context, either, but pastors need to stop thinking that they've got to be stand-up comedians.

Seriously, if you were having a spiritual crisis and you needed to have a few of your more troubling questions answered before you surrendered your life to Christ, would you feel comfortable seeking answers from some buffoon who just made holy Messiah--the One who holds the keys to death and hell in His hands--sound like an everyday surfer dude in his sermon? Is THAT Jesus the one who is going to save me? Or would you call upon that same man to come to your bedside if you were dying of some incurable disease and you desperately wanted to get right with God? It's such a mockery, and I'm so sick to death of it.

I plead with God nearly on a daily basis for Him to have mercy on His American Church, to not leave us as sheep without shepherds, but to raise up many more courageous men of God who will preach the Gospel faithfully and who will not tolerate heresy in their churches.

I am so inspired by our Christian brothers and sisters overseas who are living out the book of Acts on a daily basis, literally risking their lives to bring the Gospel to the lost. Teach us to live THAT way, Mr. Preacher Man. All or nothing.


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Book Contract Signed!

Great news!

We just signed a contract with Lighthouse Trails Publishing to publish our novel The Glittering Web, which is about spiritual deception. We're very pleased to be associated with this publisher that is fighting so hard to stand for biblical truth in this age of deception.

Have you checked out their research website?