Monday, September 04, 2006

A reader responds

Gary K. wanted to add the following comment about our article "'Christian' Romanticism, the Inklings, and the Elevation of Mythology" but said he had trouble signing in, so I'm reproducing it here (thanks, Gary):

I found this article on Berit Kjos's web site ( . I have learned so much from her articles and just how deceptive much of our Christian world has become. This is an indepth look at something that dovetails, in my opinion, with today's somewhat mindless worship music (entertainment). The authors here really present some meat to chew on and deal with this from a very mature Christian world view. They also deal with an area of personal interest to me -- Lewis and Tolkien.

Just how much fantasy do we allow to come between us and our view of absolutes? How much Truth gets bent to fit this 'new' image of God? How much Truth is lost as we tend to view it (Him) only through the eyes of romantic entertainment and the comfort of our easy chairs? Does this new comfort zone become the opening for new age 'truths' and a broadening of the narrow path? Lastly does it produce in us any discipline? (woops, sorry another politically incorrect word...)

I guess the real question for me is this. Do we start to disallow absolutes altogether when we allow ourselves these romantic and mythological views of God? Do they not then create a Petri dish (culture) with in which we can grow a more politically correct 'churchianity'? Or a politically incorrect Christianity? Does not the very nature of God's Truth get mocked in these fantasies?

Unlike many articles, this is not entertainment and ear tickling. It will require some time and thought. This is a Truth seekers article.

Gary K.

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